March 15, 2023

Can you Trust Zestimates?

Everyone loves going on Zillow and getting a Zestimate for their home. But can you trust it?

According to Money Magazine, Zestimates are usually off by 8% to 10%. And that percentage could work against you or for you. It could be 10% more than it is actually worth, or 10% less than it is actually worth.

But one thing we can tell you, is that if we look at your home, we can tell you if that Zillow number is right and what your home is actually worth.

Zestimates can sometimes work when you live in a tract home neighborhood or a condo. But it really doesn’t work if you have made improvements to your property or you live in a neighborhood where each street is different.

Zestimates don’t take into account basements, interior and outdoor improvements. Let’s say your basement was renovated and is great additional space for a family room, home office or bedroom. How does Zillow know that?

It also doesn’t take into consideration the hardscaping and landscaping improvements you made. It just looks at the acreage, square footage of the property, number of bedrooms and baths.

With interest rates rising, and the market slowing down, homeowners want to know if their property is holding its value. Best way to figure that out is to call an agent, like us. We can talk to you about your improvements, look at what happened in the neighborhood and provide two forms of analysis on the value of your house.

First, we get the Realtor Property Resource which gives us a range of the value of your homes, based on information provided by the MLS. We then search through MLS and the tax records (for non-market sales) to see what has happened in your neighborhood over the last six months. Based on that information we can find a accurately price your home.

Let us know how we can work with you to determine the sales price of your home. We are not here to push you to sell but to give you advise and a peace of mind.

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