February 10, 2023

A few years ago, I sold a house to a young man looking to buy in Arlington.  He could afford the townhouse, with the down payment he saved over the 5 years out of college, but he didn’t want to be strapped.  He still wanted to take great trips, enjoy good restaurants, and not feel house poor.   So, with our help he came up with the perfect solution.  He would buy a townhouse, rent the bedrooms on the top floor to high school and college friends, and turn the walk-out basement into his own little pad.  In the end of the day, his three roommates paid his mortgage and he lived his best life. 

In urban areas like DC, future homeowners need to find creative ways to purchase.  We are here to help you figure it out.  With our assistance and the help from our lender colleagues, we can find creative ways to purchase and making the American dream real.

Please contact us today, at 703.772.2536 or via email: AnaAndMelissa@gmail.com