March 3, 2023

Yes… it’s that time of year when you re-think your outdoor space.  Making your backyard feel like a part of your indoor living space has been the trend in the last few years.  Our landscaping architects have seen increased requests for designed outdoor spaces that give homeowners more room for enjoyment and entertainment.  Here are just a few examples, of what our clients have done in their homes. 

A patio with an outdoor kitchen is great for barbeques and cookouts.  The one we feature also includes a pizza kitchen! Their family tradition of Brazilian churrascos and pizza making, made it an important necessity for their home.  The outdoor cooking area is adjacent to the indoor one, which makes for a seamless flow from one cooking station to another. 

Fireplaces are also a great addition to a backyard.  It keeps you warm in the fall and winter and keeps the bugs away in the summer.  It really is a nice focal point and aesthetic feature for a backyard.  These owners have sat many times in front of that fireplace, sipping mojitos and cooking up s’mores with the kids.

An outdoor patio is almost like an additional room to the home.  It allows for owners to decorate with cozy patio furniture with lush cushions that almost looks like indoor sitting area.  This one also includes a TV, stereo and a refrigerator as well, since the equipment are not exposed to the elements.  The other one we featured has a complete outdoor kitchen.  Covered patios really work well with a pool.   

And in more urban areas, rooftop decks are becoming a very popular setting for lounging and entertaining.  Many builders often include a fireplace in their design, however, to create warmth and make the space more enticing, some of our owners have added pergolas, tree canopies and flower beds.  You don’t even feel like you’re in a roof, unless you look down.

We have worked with some wonderful landscape architects and we are here to provide you some great names.  Just let us know when you are ready for your project! 

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