November 23, 2021
Here are some of the most interesting, unique, and photogenic places to see in Old Town Alexandria. You can reach all of these places with a short walk around the downtown area.

1. The Spite House

Check out the Spite House at 523 Queen Street. rumored to have been built by a homeowner to block loiterers from the alley next to his house. At just 7 feet wide, the skinniest historic house in the US is also one of the most Instagrammable places in Alexandria.

Alexandria VA Spite House

2. Cobblestones on Captain’s Row

Cobblestone streets were once the norm in Old Town and that history is preserved on Captain’s Row. The beautiful 100 block of Prince Street features a wide cobblestone street climbing a hill. Stately trees and homes, several built by sea captains that gave the street its name, line the street. The street is a popular backdrop for photographers and Instagrammers.

Captains Row cobblestones Alexandria VA

3. Colorful Doors and Homes

Old Town Alexandria is an architecture-lovers dream. Allow time to wander the streets and you’ll see a range of home styles, lovely gardens, brick sidewalks, and beautifully decorated doorways.

Colorful doors Alexandria VA

4. Cherry Blossoms and Gardens

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Virginia, and Old Town really shines during cherry blossom season. Visit in late March and early April to see delicate Yoshino cherry trees in bloom along King Street. As they fade, late-blooming Kwanzan trees take over, followed by Redbuds and Apple blossoms. At the same time, Alexandria gardens fill with color at houses and businesses through the neighborhoods.

Cherry blossoms Old Town Alexandria

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