March 2, 2023

Long gone are the days that we had all our windows laden with heavy drapes and vertical aluminum blinds.  Most of us evolved to appreciate the beauty of open windows to bring in the natural sunlight.  However, blinds, curtains, and drapery serve a purpose and provide great interior design elements to a home.  

Annie Elliot, a great interior designer in the DC area, is coming out with a book to discuss different options that can help guide you in the decision making.   You should follow her on social media – she is clever and informative.  She makes us laugh out loud when she goes to Home Goods or Target and points out some “not so great” items to purchase.  Check her out @annieelliottdesign on Instagram.  

Martha Stewart asked the same question and this is the answer she got from the experts : 

Blinds – select blinds if you need light control or privacy.  For example this is good for a bedroom, bathroom or family room. Casual coverage that serves a purpose.  Least expensive option are roller blinds followed by Roman shades, and cellular shades.  

Curtains – select curtains to block light or at least obscure sun days.  And you can pair it with blind to provide for different light coverage.  Curtains tend be lighter material and may not provide the light block you want.  Really nice for kitchens, children’s rooms and other informal rooms of the house.  Curtains can be cheaper than blinds but it depends on the materials you use.  

Drapes – select drapes when you want more light coverage.  The material is heavier.  Drapes also provide a room more elegance and provides a sophisticated look. They also protect a room from drastic temperature changes.  Great for living rooms and bedrooms. Drapes are often custom made and the most expensive. 

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