November 2, 2021
Hygiene and cleanliness will be a top priority in kitchen designs this 2021 while flexibility for multiple tasks and users remains important. Many of us spent more time at home for the better part of 2020 and the ways in which we cook, entertain, work and relax in our homes changed significantly. Here are the popular finishes, fixtures, colors, and appliances in 2021 kitchen trends.

1. Warm Colors

America's decades-long love affair with cool gray tones is officially over. Beige is back, and it's bringing a warm, soothing vibe to our homes in 2021. The trio of hues includes oatmeal-colored Transcend, a warm clay color called Big Cypress, and a watery turquoise called Misty Aqua. Drawing on nature, the palette was designed to encourage mindfulness and relaxation during such a tumultuous time.


2. Organic Style

A new kitchen aesthetic is on the rise with natural, organic style skyrocketed into the top three kitchen design styles for 2021. The style relies on the same clean lines as still-popular contemporary and transitional kitchens, but with a look built on the warmth and textures of natural materials.

This style celebrates the versatility of materials that are organic, nature-inspired for example wood-look flooring, and environmentally conscious, such as energy-efficient light fixtures. Today’s finishes are luxurious, sleek, modern, and fit with almost any design style and budget imaginable.

image 1

3. Touchless Faucets

Installing a new faucet is a quick and easy kitchen update many homeowners will be making in 2021. Whether it's our heightened awareness of hygiene at home or a growing demand for motion-control and hands-free faucets continues to grow in popularity than a traditional lever kitchen faucet.

Another faucet on the rise is the voice-activated faucets that made an appearance on the report. This new faucet is not only more hygienic, but it can also help you be more productive in the kitchen, too. Through simple commands, you can turn the water on to wash your hands or dispense the exact amount you need for pasta or soup.

image 2

4. Large Islands

Large islands (at least 24 square feet in size) are a staple of the post-pandemic kitchen. In addition to serving as a place for food prep, cooking, and storage, the kitchen island has developed to accommodate work and studies with plenty of outlets. A table abutting the island similarly creates a versatile workspace, casual gathering place, and designated dining area.

image 3

5. Specialty Ovens

Homeowners are investing in auxiliary, specialty ovens for greater functionality as they spend more time cooking at home. For example, a convection speed oven can augment a traditional range with a flexible cooking solution that combines both traditional and microwave ovens into a single product. You can bake, broil, and microwave all with the same unit.

These additional ovens also reflect homeowners’ increasing awareness of and desire for a more wellness-oriented lifestyle. Functionally, we're seeing a huge trend in ditching the microwave in exchange for a steam oven as clients become more aware of the health benefits of steam cooking.

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