February 9, 2022
Herndon, Virginia!  We love Herndon.  It’s an unassuming community that was established in 1879.  It includes a cute downtown area that reminds us of a small town anywhere in America. And the great thing about Herndon, it’s only 22 miles from downtown DC and minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport.

We just helped relocate one of our clients from Texas to Virginia and they bought a great house in the $500K price range. They LOVE Herndon, as Alexi put it, “friendly doesn’t even really cover it… we’ve had a neighbor come ring our doorbell because our blow up Santa was swept up by the wind and traveling halfway down the street! …. We also had several neighbors we never even met bring baby gifts because they saw that we had our baby. People here are just SO SO nice!”.

Herndon offers a great location because of its easy and accessible transportation commute to  Tyson’s Corner, Arlington and DC.  The Metro is easily accessible by walking, public bus or a kiss and ride.  One of the best DC Museum’s is located just minutes away!  And walking trails and parks are found in practically every neighborhood.  The W&OD trail, which goes through the core of old town Herndon can take you as east as DC and as west as West Virginia. 

So you are asking what does it cost you to live in Herndon?

Median Single Family Homes are priced between $525,000 to $815,000.

Townhomes are priced between $385,000 to $600,000.

Condos start at $400,000.
Cromwell Lefrak

If you plan to visit, don’t leave without grabbing a bite to eat!  We, our friends and clients enjoy Zeffirelli Italian restaurant, The Breeze Mediterranean (they have an awesome outdoor area that started during covid), and the Aslin Brewery, which started in Alexandria and now has a new location in Herndon!

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