April 29, 2020
As we all sit at home, hunkered down with our families and more time on our hands than we know what to do with, we are discovering hidden talents, finding some great Netflix shows and podcasts and honing skills that we have.

Send us your new discoveries and see below for some of ours:

What We've Discovered

  • Good bagels are really easy to make
  • Working Moms on Netflix is really funny
  • Learning is ageless and Masterclass.com is incredible for any skill you want to develop
  • Dont need half the things in my closet
  • You can grow green onions by planting the bottom part with the roots that you usually throw out
  • Tik Tok is really addictive
  • Really miss watching sports on tv
  • Instagram account #itsabandoned is great
  • Carol Baskin fed her husband to tigers

Real Estate News

Houses are still being listed and buyers are still buying. However, we have seen a market slow down in the last month. In early spring it was a true sellers market - multiple offers, properties selling for over list price, buyers waiving contingencies - now the scales are becoming more balanced.

  • There is less inventory
  • No more open houses
  • Virtual open houses are available on Facebook live with Q&A sessions
  • Many listings now include videos with the normal pictures so that buyers can get as best a view of a property without having to physically enter the home.
  • Seeing less of bidding wars or giving up inspection and appraisal contingencies.

So now is the time to buy!
The Ana and Melissa Team will also Facetime our buyers while touring a property and we are happy to physically take you to a property!

  • An agent's experience and knowledge in marketing is more important than ever to get your house sold.
  • Buyers are being more selective about the homes they physically tour. On-line portals are vital for selling.
  • Showcasing a home through virtual showing, video and photography becomes more vital for a quick sale.

To sell you need an experienced marketing team
The Ana and Melissa Team stages homes with our inventory or uses your existing furniture in order to appeal to buyers. In addition to hiring professional photographers for all our listings, we also hire professional videographers for high quality videos of properties and have floor plans made.

If you are considering buying or selling - contact us about your specific circumstance and we will discuss the pros and cons of going forward in this ever-changing market.
Please contact us today, at 703.772.2536 or via email: AnaAndMelissa@gmail.com