November 15, 2018
As you have heard, Amazon is moving 25,000 people to the Crystal City area of Arlington, VA. But what does that mean?

This will not happen overnight! Nope. Remember we helped Nestle employees move here. We know how this works.

There isn't a band of marching Amazon employees coming across the great North American continent ready to take over NOVA and DC and drive up prices overnight. The move is going to take a bit of time, so there is still time to buy. And there is still time to buy at reasonable prices.

And if you are thinking of listing anything, properties closer to Arlington will find a spike in pricing from the initial announcement but the impact from the Amazon move will likely be gradual over the coming years.

Don't Forget About Taco Bell Cantina!

Amazon news has completely overshadowed the fact that Taco Bell is opening its first ever Cantina in the DC region - right next to our offices. What is great about Cantina - it serves alcohol and small plates!
Click here for more info on Cantina

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