March 7, 2023

We are always looking for some good podcasts and sometimes we hit the jackpot and find some pretty, amazing ones.  We wanted to share with you our favorites, so that you will share with us your favorites!  

Melissa’s Favorites 

48 Hours – This is less than an hour summary of the best true-crime stories out there.   I love a good true-crime story and I’m done in usually 45 minutes.  And I like true crime because I’m weird that way. 

This American Life – This is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed podcasts on personal stories of every day Americans.  I love cute little stories about people’s life and they are always feel good stories.  

Kyle Brandt’s Basement – It explores the ins and outs of the NFL with guest interviews and interactive audience segment.  He loves the Bills, so I love him. 

Ana’s Favorites

WSJ What’s News – It’s a summary of everyday news with a feature story in the end.  It’s offered by the Wall Street Journal both in the morning and evening.  I like this because it’s straight reporting no opinion gets the job done.  I feel informed in 15 minutes in the AM and PM.  Then if I want to pursue the story in more detail I just read the story.  

Beyond the Blinds – It’s filled with scandal, intrigue and gossip surrounding our favorite celebrities (young and old).  My daughter told me about this one and I am forever grateful.  I have my whole gym addicted to this podcast because it is darn good gossip about young and old celebrities, royals and newscasters and athletes. You need to watch the first episode to understand what a “blind” and after that, you will be addicted if this is your thing. 

Modern Love – New York Times column that gives us a glimpse into the complicated love lives of ordinary people.  It puts me right to sleep every night. The voice is always a soothing one and I know no one is going to die a horrific death or kill someone.  

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