February 27, 2023

Remember bowling leagues?  You may have not joined in the fun, but might recall grandpa talking about it back in the day and still playing in his 70’s.  Well, we think pickleball is here to replace the bowling league days.  It’s fun, easy and pretty harmless.  All ages can enjoy playing.  

If you haven’t tried it, you may be missing out on one of America’s greatest sports of all times.  We kid you not.  

Everywhere around the country, we hear of friends, both young and old picking up a paddle, beating the wiffle ball, and staying out of the kitchen (it’s a rule, that only pickleball officionados understand).  

It’s appeal, is that every age can participate with no minimal pain and a lot of gain.  We are tennis players, but you don’t have to have a background in racquet sport to catch the fever.  You just need to like having fun, running around just a little and going for it.  

Around the DMV, pickleball playing opportunities are all over the city and suburbs.  Many communities have converted their old and abandoned tennis courts into courts and have organized playing times that only require you to sign up, and show up.  

And now, the Kraken Bar in DC is opening their doors to indoor pickleball that includes 16 indoor courts.  It also includes 1 40 + foot bar and pickleball cabanas.  So get a ton of friends and go play some pickleball.  

Someone just recently asked us, “where can I get some lessons?”  Well check out the Global Pickleball Network, they provide all that information you are looking for.  https://www.globalpickleball.network/pickleball-lessons

And here is the information for Kraken!  https://experiencekraken.com/pickleball  

Please contact us today, at 703.772.2536 or via email: AnaAndMelissa@gmail.com